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Keep Your Property Up to Date with Home Repair Services in Detroit, Michigan

The Yellow Rose Builders, Inc. in Detroit, Michigan, provides meticulous new or restoration services or storm damages. We are your source of superior home repair services, specializing in all interior and exterior home repairs. From the top of your chimney to the bottom of your basement; we breathe new life into your property.

Every masonry project involving bricks and mortar will eventually require tuckpointing. The elements, freeze thaw cycles, extreme heat or cold can all contribute to the deterioration of mortar and require brick repair, especially in Michigan.  Masonry restoration endeavor, as described by tuckpointing specialist is where loose and crumbling mortar is replaced with a new mixture of the same color and texture as the original will provide structural strength to the chimney and to protect the underlying surfaces from the elements. 

Broken and damaged chimneys can pose risk of damage to the rest of your home and can put you and your family in danger and unwanted critters. Chimney repairs or rebuilds should be completed with a concrete crown and cap replacements; replacement and realignment of flue liners; replacement of flashing and counter flashing; cleaning and resealing of the entire chimney. Porch repairs and chimneys are the most commonly requested home repair due to the harsh effects of weather.

The basic home structure is insulated and not quite as susceptible to the freeze thaw cycles of mother nature.  Hairline cracks in the foundation, porch, sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, bricks and chimneys will eventually turn into larger ones with water being able to leak inside, due to expanding and contracting, it can threaten these areas and cause bigger issues.  

Preventative maintenance needs to be down with limestone. Being a porous stone can leave limestone vulnerable to deterioration.  Damage occurs through weathering, pollution and dirt accumulation.  Severe damage can result in removal of the stone.

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Give your home a makeover. Our general contractor offers full-service renovation solutions that are affordable to homeowners throughout the tri-county area.  We can remodel from the attic to the ceilings to the floors with removal of walls to placement of new walls to handling any type of interior remodeling.  If you have exterior upgrades that you would like to make, our team of professionals have experience to handle new decks, stamped concrete and brick pavers.

Bathrooms | Kitchens | Basements | Painting | Drywall | Plaster | Tile | Hardwood Floors | Crown Molding | Additions

Our team can install new gutters, repair gutters and clean gutters. When installing new gutters, we offer seamless and you have the option to install leaf protection at the same time.  We handle any type of gutter repair! Maintenance on gutters is important, you want to keep the gutters free of debris, which can cause a clog or blockage and lead to damage! 

Our team of professionals can provide you with a complete vinyl | aluminum siding, fascia, soffit installation options. Siding repairs can be done; we can assess the damage and provide options.  As a reminder, powerwashing siding is a maintenance to keep it in peak condition.  No siding repair is to small.   

Our team of professionals understand that when investing in replacement windows, custom bent aluminum trim and doors, the most common concerns are: will it reduce energy bills, will it reduce drafts, it will improve your homes appearance and less maintenance. Yes, it will help will all those concerns!  Please give us a call to schedule an appointment to discuss in detail all the types of windows offered.  

Our team of professionals believe that "it takes more than shingles to make a roof".  We strive for high quality installation using quality materials with complete customer satisfaction sign-off. We look forward to providing you with our honest opinion on your roofing repair or replacement project.  We can perform roof inspections, leak detections, check for rotten wood and damaged fascia or stink pipe issues. Don't wait, let us fix that leak!  Ask us about roof shampooing, which can make your roof look brand new. Take advantage of our 24-hour emergency repair service for chimney and roofs damaged by storms.  

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We are licensed by the State of Michigan as a full residential building contractor and we provide full insurance, including public liability, property damage, and workers' compensation for your protection.

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